ARe clan is notttt DEAD we are still here, we just kind of broke up and dont really play xbox together anymore. but we all still play. so add our STEAM accounts and stuff like that   they will be put under are individual profiles
This will still be the same website/links and everything ... we will just be getting a new design, and facelift.
~thanks for your support.
ALL JOB TITLE's And descriptions will be changed, and or re-named. Pleas stand by for the process to begin and End. Thanks FSC brethren
Whats up Everybody. tjay here just saying Hey....since i haven't been on here in a while..
Make sure u click that link to the right to vote us on the clan battle site ================>>>>>>>>
and remember if anyone wants to be in the clan to apply on top.. and talk to nick or , Tjay
it feels good to finally be on spring break, and play some call of duty.
Just added this fine beauty to are porn,,,,,,i mean clan site. haha ~JAYMAN
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    Jayman, is seeking out good Black ops2 players to starts a pre season MLG team for next year. feel free to message him on xbox : FSCxJAYMAN

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